Silver 2020 Toyota Highlander

The dependability of your Toyota is crucial in the current conditions. Whether you are an essential worker who others rely on to be at work each day or you are staying at home for the time being and may require your Toyota to run vital errands, you need to continue doing your part to keep your Toyota well-maintained. Until now, your regular efforts to give your car the necessary attention involved driving it to a service center. Given the current situation, waiting in a crowded auto shop's lobby is not ideal. These tips will help you to keep your car properly maintained for the time being.

Take Care of Your Engine

Your Toyota's engine endures incredible stress from heat and friction, and clean oil mitigates that friction. An oil change service must be completed regularly for vehicle health and longevity, but this does not mean that you need to sit in a shop's waiting room. Some auto service centers are allowing customers to remain inside their cars while the oil is changed, so you can identify which shops in your area are allowing this. An alternative is to learn how to change your Toyota's oil at home.

Complete a Visual Inspection

Regardless of your background knowledge about cars, you may be able to identify developing auto repair issues from a visual inspection. Walk around the exterior of your car every week or two to look for possible areas of concern. Then, open the hood to check the battery terminals, hoses, belts, and other components. Whether you notice signs of a fluid leak, worn tires, cracked belts, or any other potentially problematic things, give them the attention that they need now. You may be able to address some of these issues from home on your own. By doing so, you can potentially avoid having to take your Toyota into the shop.

Go for a Weekly Drive

While some Toyota drivers continue to use their vehicles regularly at present, others may be confined to their house most of the time. When your car is not driven daily, the battery can lose power. The hoses and belts may dry out and become brittle. The brakes could rust, and the tires may wear out only in the areas where they touch the ground. These and other pressing issues can be avoided if you take one crucial step, and that step is to drive your Toyota for at least 20 consecutive minutes per week.

Regular care of your Toyota is always essential, and now is not the time to slack off on it. You may need to adjust how you care for your Toyota until the pandemic ends, and these tips will show you the way.