2020 Toyota Camry vs 2020 Honda Accord
2020 Toyota Camry 2020 Honda Accord
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2020 Toyota Camry vs 2020 Honda Accord

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For years, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have remained two of the best-selling midsize sedans on the market. They are perfect for drivers who need a safe and roomy family vehicle. However, only one of these cars will win this head-to-head comparison.


The 2020 Toyota Camry offers more performance than ever before. Even its standard four-cylinder engine develops up to 206 horsepower. By comparison, Honda Accord rates the base engine to produce 192 horsepower. If you demand stronger acceleration, step up to the V6 engine of the Camry. It cranks out 301 horsepower, which outclasses the optional 252-horsepower engine of the Honda Accord. Furthermore, only the Camry has a true high-performance model in its lineup. Driving enthusiasts will especially love all-new Camry TRD. While a TRD-tuned suspension promotes exceptionally responsive handling, a high-flow TRD exhaust gives the Camry a seductive sound. When wintry weather hits, you'll especially appreciate the newly available AWD system of the Toyota Camry. The enhanced traction will give you unmatched confidence. All-wheel drive is not offered on the Accord.

Fuel Economy

With the cost of fuel being so expensive, it's essential to choose an efficient ride. The 2020 Toyota Camry will help you save extra at the pump. Four-cylinder models can return up to 41 mpg. Meanwhile, the fuel economy for the Accord tops out at 38 mpg. Over time, you can expect the new Camry to keep more cash in your pocket.


Both of these cars are stylish. However, the 2020 Toyota Camry has a more striking appearance. Many people will be drawn to the Camry's extremely sleek profile. Even the base Camry deserves some consideration. An available color-contrasting black roof gives the Camry an especially fresh look. You won't find this feature on the Accord's list of options. Toyota also offers the Camry with a more significant number of sporty trims. Many people will love the Camry SE Nightshade Edition, which has a blacked-out look. In terms of aggression, no version of the Accord can compare to the electrifying Camry TRD. It features an aerodynamic body kit with red pinstripes and exclusive wheels. Large-bore exhaust outlets further enhance Camry TRD's powerful appearance.